Hello everyone. This is a blog of a CSS part of a previous blog that is used to explain how to use HTML and CSS to make a small webpage. If you want to read a blog of HTML, please refer to this link. https://kanchanakariyawasam98.medium.com/how-to-use-html-and-css-to-make-a-simple-webpage-html-part-120928a56b1c

And also, I have written CSS part in this blog to previous HTML part.

First of all, we should know what is CSS? CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet that is used to display HTML elements on a screen. CSS can control the layout of multiple web pages all at once. …


First of all, we should know what is HTML? HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. As you know, HTML is not a programming language. It’s a markup language. To develop a webpage, HTML is used as making a skeleton of a page, and CSS is used as making a webpage visualization. In this blog, I would like to define some HTML, CSS techniques and make a small real-world webpage using those techniques step by step. In this blog, there is an only HTML coding part. You can observe the CSS part of this webpage by go through this link. https://kanchanakariyawasam98.medium.com/how-to-use-html-and-css-to-make-a-simple-webpage-css-part-1d309b23fde5

Hello everyone. This is my second article about the C language. Today I would like to present, how to code, to find whether is it Palindrome or not. In my code, I have included finding the palindrome of a Number and a String.

First of all, Let’s see what is a Palindrome. A palindrome is a word, number, phrase, or another sequence of characters that reads the same backward as forward, such as abba, madam. There are also numeric palindromes, like 12321, 5665. Sentence-length palindromes ignore capitalization, punctuation, and word boundaries.

To find a Palindrome of a string in my…

Hello everyone. Today I am going to present, how to use C LANGUAGE to finding the HCF of numbers that you wish to inputs. I would like to present it short and sweet. So, you can find the HCF of any numbers that you want.

In the below, you can see my coding part. You can copy & paste it to your IDE and check whether is my logic correct.

void main()
int size; // size of an array
printf(“Enter number of elements : “);
int num[size]; // “num” is a name of an array
for(int i=0;i<size;i++)

Kanchana Kariyawasam

Undergraduate of University of Moratuwa, Faculty of Information Technology

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